Stepping Up Even if You Don’t Know the Way

It’s August 1st. We’re at the start of a new month, already. The summer is flying by and the start of the new month fills me with both excitement and sadness. Excitement for a whole new month to do new things and finish up projects. Sadness because summer will be ending soon and even with another month it seems like there is never enough time to do everything. And, sometimes we don’t even know which path to take while we’re working, which is why I think the words of Frodo Baggins are important today:

"I will take the Ring," he said, "though I do not know the way." Frodo Baggins

Luckily the fate of Middle Earth isn’t in my hands (talk about way too much pressure), but we’re all responsible for various things in our life–big and small. We all have the opportunity, if not daily, at least weekly–in my experience–to step up even if we don’t know the way. Sometimes we step up, and sometimes we don’t. But if it is true that we regret more the things we don’t do than those that we do, then I think we should probably step up more often than not. Even when we’re scared, even when we can’t even dream of knowing the way.

And, if we are lucky, we’ll figure out the way and even get good people to help us along the way. We’ll get bruised and fall and have to get back up even when we don’t want to. But looking back at our month, we won’t feel the hurt of regret. We’ll feel some pride and maybe have figured out a bit more of our way.

I hope you have a lovely week and month. I’m sorry there was no Saturday Short last week, but I’d caught the icky summer cold/flu that’s been going around. This week, the Saturday Short will be back as usual. Until then, keep creating your way and taking risks with your art. 🙂