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Hi! Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy looking around.

About Me

photograph of meI live in the East Bay and love reading, writing, spending time with my husband and cat (see above photo), baking, hiking, letterpress, bookbinding, and learning how to do new types of home repairs. I feel like a newbie when it comes to fiction writing since I’m not yet published, although I’ve published quite a bit of my research in scholarly journals as part of my work life (under my maiden name [Wakimoto] and if interested, you can see my publications and postings at The Waki Librarian). I’ve always loved calligraphy, but have resolved to be more mindful in my practice (when I’m not writing fiction). I’m a fan of handwritten letters and love stationery and hardware stores in almost equal measures. Indie bookstores are a favorite haunt as is any place with a good cup of black tea. In my work life, I’m an academic librarian. If you want to say hi or ask a question, feel free to leave a comment.

About the Blog

Calligraphy can be loosely translated to mean “beautiful writing” and I had named the blog that, but thought it might be interpreted as egocentric so I’ve changed it up a bit. I’m using this blog to share my writing and my art (including calligraphy), along with some thoughts on books I’m reading. I do hope that my fiction will make for beautiful writing (and I’m always trying to get better). I’m hoping to improve my art, too.

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