Responsible Greatness

I’ve been reading through a book of quotes I purchased years ago and came across a number of quotes from Churchill, so I thought sharing this one that I had on my door last week made sense.

"The price of greatness is responsibility" Winston Churchill

“The price of greatness is responsibility” Winston Churchill

This quote is a reminder to me about taking responsibility in all areas of my life. I like the idea of responsible greatness. That if we achieve greatness, we then have a greater responsibility to use are greatness to help. There are many ways to be great, but if we don’t help each other, acknowledge one another’s humanity, and strive always for generosity then we are not really, truly great. I think of this a lot when I’m teaching, not because I think I’ve achieved greatness (I always have more to learn when it comes to teaching), but because I have a great responsibility to the students I teach. It is a responsibility I take very seriously. I have the responsibility to provide a space for them to expand their knowledge, to facilitate their learning, and to demonstrate that failure happens and it is what we do after we fail that shows us what we can be in our lives.

So I leave you with Churchill reminding us of our responsibility, no matter where we fall on the path to greatness. It is especially important for those who are in positions of power to remember their responsibilities and not let the love of power cloud their work.

I’ll be posting again soon about some more books I’m reading and looking forward to read as we head through this sixth month of the year during our race around the sun. 🙂