Challenging Fate

With the change of seasons, it seems to be a good time to take stock of what we’ve accomplished this year and what remains to be done. I don’t know about you, but it always seems like there are too few hours in the day and too few weeks in the year to get done everything I want to do. And, sometimes, when things seem to not being going so well, it can be a comforting if slippery slope to say that it wasn’t meant to be or it wasn’t my fate or maybe my luck will change. So if you are in that boat, or ever feel that way, today’s quote is for you:

There is much to be said for challenging fate instead of ducking behind it. Diana Trilling

I’m all for challenging fate rather than ducking or believing that I’m at its mercy. There’s so much we don’t control in life, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop working towards our goals and our dreams. It doesn’t mean we stop working towards being better people, being more mindful and thoughtful, being more kind and more creative.

While these words are great for all parts of life, they are especially important to remember for those of us who want to create and share our art–in whatever form it takes. Sometimes it feels like everything is just left up to chance or fate or luck or whatever that we don’t have and it can be discouraging. Like leaving behind the hopefulness of spring, the carefree days of summer, and watching the senescence of autumn. But what we can control is how we work, what we do, and who we help through our work and our art.

Sometimes challenging ourselves to do something other than use fate as an excuse for why we aren’t doing what we want to can be scary. Sometimes it can seem as if we are just being blown around like leaves by forces we can’t see, but that’s why we are stubborn and tough like old oak trees and just keep doing and making and creating what we do. But we do it because we have to, because if we didn’t we wouldn’t create what we feel in our hearts we were meant to do.

So I hope your autumn is full of fate challenging work along with mugs of hot apple cider, and plates full of warm pumpkin bread. 🙂