Happy 2020!

Happy New Year! Yes, I’m well aware we are already more than a week into 2020 so I’m a bit late to the well-wishing game. But, really, can you have too many good wishes for a good year? I think not.

It’s been quiet around this blog for a bit, for which I’m both sorry and not at all apologetic for because life happens. And when we say life happens, we usually mean all shit hits the fan and blogging is the last thing on our minds. Which is true, so very true.

It’s been a bad cold season here with everyone getting sick, except the cat. She’s fine, thank you very much, and has enjoyed people wanting to only sit on the couch and sip tea while napping. Though she has been very much annoyed by a cough I had that lasted over 5 weeks.

Then the end of the year rush came, much of it lovely and fun, but still tiring and little writing happened between the end of NaNo (which I hope treated everyone well) and the beginning of the year.

But now things have settled, as much as they ever do, and I’m back to writing my way through things and especially through the ending of my story, Close Enough. So expect new parts to it coming as Saturday Shorts and it wrapping up soon. How soon? I don’t know. I was asked by a dear friend and writing buddy if I knew the stories’ endings I serialize on this blog before I started writing them and the answer is no. I have only a vague shape when I begin writing them and they evolve their own ways. I find it exciting and if I already knew the ending, there’d be no point in writing it down, at least for me.

So we shall find out together how the story ends and where the next story leads.

I wish you all the best in 2020. Thank you for reading and I wish you inspiration, fortitude, and luck in the year ahead. May your creative works be a force for good and may you always have a cup of tea, a good book, and a friend nearby when you need them.