Saturday Short: When the Leaves Turn Golden

photograph of golden ginko leaves on tree branches

When the leaves turn golden, that’s when the wise are wary of trouble. Everyone knew that, even if most chose to not believe it.

Haley glared up at the branches festooned with their hundreds of golden leaves that shimmered and shook in the breeze. Just her luck that the leaves should turn now, when she was so close.

It would have been bad enough if just one tree had turned, but all she saw down the lane were trees wreathed in golden leaves. Haley shook her head. This was bad, more than bad, it was probably going to be catastrophic, whatever it was.

“Why aren’t your more specific with your warning?”

“Sorry, luv, I didn’t catch that.”

Haley turned and saw a woman looked at her with a curious expression on her face.

“Sorry, ma’am,” she said with a formal bow. “Just talking to myself. Beg your pardon.”

“That’s quite alright.” The woman patted her on the arm as she looked up at the leaves. “But I wouldn’t ask them quite so loud. Not when they’re golden.” She resumed toddling down the street.

Haley looked up again with a shiver and nodded. The woman was right. She’d just deal with whatever came whenever it did. That’s what she always did. Haley turned and hurried away from the trees. It was time to get to work.