Saturday Short: The Green Leaves

photograph of green leaves amidst purple leaves

“What do we do with these green leaves?” Flora’s mother asked her as they stood in front of the bush.

Flora twirled her fingers in her hair as she tapped her foot, buying herself time. There were too many plants with small, green leaves. How was she ever supposed to keep track of them all?

“Tea?” Her answer was more of a question than answer.

Her mother sighed and shook her head. Flora knew she wouldn’t get the answer out of her easily. There would be more questions. She felt like sighing herself.

“Are most of the leaves green?”

“No.” Flora failed to keep the annoyance out of her voice and shrunk back, but her mother appeared to ignore it. “There’s mostly those purple ones.”

“And what does that tell us?”

Flora bent closer to the plant and jumped back, running into her mother as the leaves snapped at her nose. Her mother’s laughter made her cheeks burn as if on fire, but Flora’s anger went out as fast as a green wood fire when she realized she knew this plant.

“Snap sharp leaf!” Flora yelled and the plant stopped snapping. “It’s snap sharp leaf.” She turned to look back at her mother.

“Correct. And it’s use?”

“Protection,” Flora said confidently. “It’s for protection.”

“Good.” Her mother patted her shoulder. “There’s hope for you yet.”